Update: Fall of 2013, we will be using a different biology.  Check it out!  =)
New: Biology 101 tab

We use the 2nd edition of Apologia's Biology that also may be found on ebay, Amazon,,, or used book stores.
►Read here to see what you need.
►Read more at Sahm-I-Am to see helpful links for Apologia's Biology.

►I have posted pictures of our experiments that we did each module in Biology at my main blog, Sahm I Am.

Other Biology Bloggers:  These ladies are in co-ops and do experiments with several students each week.  =)
Michelle at Applie's Place
Julie at Mindful Ramblings
Loretta at Books 'n Other Stuff no longer available
♦ Also posted by Seeker at Wildflower Academy
Dissections for Marine Biology, with pictures
Sponge Lab and Annelid Model
Clam Dissection
Starfish Dissection
Shark Dissection

♦ Donna Young's printable Biology Lab Report Forms - great if you need students to leave their lab reports with you for grading. 

►11/3/11 - Just found this link and I'm saving it for when we do Biology again.  Posting for whoever needs it now.  =)
Find the Hidden Colors of Autumn Leaves.  Looks pretty neat!  =)

Module 1, The Study of Life
Videos, etc. for M1
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M1
M1 what we did at Sahm-I-Am
Module 2, Kingdom Monera (bacteria)
Videos, etc. for M2    
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M2  
Good and Bad Bacteria - a good review
M2 what we did at Sahm-I-Am
Module 3, Kingdom Protista 
Videos, etc. for M3, Part A - subkingdom Protozoa
Videos, etc. for M3, Part B - subkingdom Algae
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M3 
M3 what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 4, Kingdom Fungi
Videos, etc. for M4, Part A (introduction)
Videos, etc. for M4, Part B - 3 of the 6 Phyla in kingdom Fungi
Videos, etc. for M4, Part C - the last 3 of the 6 Phyla in kingdom Fungi 
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M4 
M4 what we did at Sahm-I-Am
Mold! (blog post at SIA cont.) 

Module 5, The Chemistry of Life
Videos, etc. for M5, Part A
Videos, etc. for M5, Part B
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M5 
M5 what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 6, The Cell
Videos, etc. for M6
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M6, part 1
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M6, part 2
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M6 
M6 what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 7, Cellular Reproduction and DNA
Videos, etc. for M7
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M7 
M7 what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 8, Mendelian Genetics
Videos, etc. for M8
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M8 
M8 what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 9, Evolution: Part Scientific Theory, Part Unconfirmed Hypothesis
There is no blog recap or pictures for this module.
Videos, etc. for M9
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M9

Module 10, Ecology
M10 what we did at Sahm-I-Am
Videos, etc, for M10
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M10

Module 11, The Invertebrates of Kingdom Animalia
M11 what we did at Sahm-I-Am
Videos, etc, for M11
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M11

Module 12, Phylum Arthropoda
M12 what we did at Sahm-I-Am 
Haha, dd's Biology book!
Videos, etc, for M12
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M12 

Module 13, Phylum Chordata (bones)
M13 what we did at Sahm-I-Am
Videos, etc, for M13
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M13

Module 14, Kingdom Plantae: Anatomy and Classification
M14 what we did at Sahm-I-Am
Videos, etc. for M14
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M14

Module 15, Kingdom Plantae: Physiology and Reproduction
M15 what we did at Sahm-I-Am
Videos, etc. for M15
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M15

Module 16, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals
M16 what we did at Sahm-I-Am
Videos, etc. for M16
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M16


  1. Good morning,
    I found you via Homeschool Freebie of the Day. What wonderful resources! Thank you so much for putting this all together and sharing. God bless! :)
    Karen (in Ontario)

  2. Really? My blog was on HomeSchool Freebie of the Day? Cool!
    Thanks for letting me know how you found me. I often wonder...
    And you're welcome, and glad you liked it. =)

  3. I too found you on homeschool freebie of the day. :) My son has really been enjoying his biology this year. We will be referring to your page for sure. Thanks.

  4. I also found your blog on Homeschool Freebie of the Day - it made me SMILE!! Great blog - thank you!!

  5. I found you via Homeschool Freebie of the Day also! :-) We're going to start Biology this year and I'm very excited to have access to some wonderful resources to go with our studies! Thank you! :-)
    Cindy R.

  6. You're probably going to see a lot of us from Homeschool Freebie of the Day. That's how I got here. Thanks for this wonderful resources!

  7. Yep, me, too! Homeschool Freebie of the Day! Looks great!

  8. oh my! So glad y'all came to visit my blog. I really hope I can be a blessing to each one of you. =)

  9. I found you through Homeschool Freebie of the Day, as well. Great resources. Thanks so much for putting it all together.

  10. I came through Homeschool Freebie of the Day too. Your site has a wealth of information. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I, too, found you through Homeschool Freebie of the Day. And if you can do anything to help my teenage-science-hating-daughter to finally finish Apologia Biology, you will have earned an extra jewel in your crown! :) I'll let you know how it goes.

  12. Oh no, Tracy!
    What module is she in? IMO, it gets easier about halfway through the book.

  13. Marty, I found your blog site through Homeschool Freebie of the Day. What a blessing you have shared here! wow! Thank you so very much for sharing so many things you've 'saved here' to use yourself, yet now we and our children get to enjoy what you've found to use for learning, Marty!
    Kathy A.

  14. I also found you through the Homeschool Freebie of the Day..
    Thank you so much for sharing & I also joined to follow you..
    Blessings to you.. I also loved the rapture comment... funny ♥
    Feel free to visit our blog:

  15. I wish I had found you last year, but I still have one that needs to finish the 2nd half of the biology book and 2 more coming up that will need this information. What a wonderful resource!

  16. I, too came from Homeschool Freebie of the day. Sorry, I forgot to mention that, before. I love your blog, though. It's really well put together and very informative. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Marty, I also found you via Homeschool Freebie of the Day, I guess you'll never get tired of hearing that!! :-) We are currently doing Physical Science, andwill be doing Biology next year. You've gathered an amazing set of resources! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  18. Thanks for all these comments! =)
    And Karen, how did you get the hot link for HSFotD? I don't see any options here in the comment box I'm typing in.

  19. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wonderful resources for study! These will greatly assist me and my children this year. I'm adding a link to here from my "Free Homeschool Units" page so I can find you frequently! Thanks! =D

  20. Hi! I also found you via the Homeschool Freebie of the Day Link (they're great). I can't thank you enough for sharing all of this information! THANK YOU SO MUCH! BTW, I also like your rapture comment! :) He he he Lynn

  21. I DID NOT find you through Homeschool Freebie of the Day. I just sat down at 11:00 at night to piece together some videos and pictures to make our biology lesson a little more fun tomorrow. I "stumpled" upon your site. Thank you so much for passing on your great finds! It is an amazing gift to me, not to have to stay up another couple of hours. I pray abundant blessings on you for being generous with the rest of us. Tambra

  22. Nordyke and Lynn, glad you liked the rapture comment. =)
    And Tambra, I'm so glad you "stumpled" upon my site. =)
    And all of y'all are very welcome. I love blogging, and I love science, and I love saving all in one place the things I've found.
    Hooray! =)

  23. Thank you so much for this resource! I found you on a Google search, and I am so happy I did! I am teaching Physical Science and Biology this year, and having all these resources in one place has been a huge blessing.

  24. Jamie, you're very welcome! =)
    I love both Physical and Biology, and haven't decided which I like better.
    Happy to have been a blessing to you. =)

  25. Thanks so much for your blog! My whole co -op class uses it. we are in biology and are loving it! Thanks again:) God bless -Bethany

    1. Hello, Bethany! Thanks so much. I'm so glad y'all were able to use my blog posts. =)

  26. hello:) I have taken general and Iam on module 15 in biology (so almost done) and I found your site at the beginning of biology. I wish I had it for general;) And i love it soooo much! Very helpful! Next semester we are doing chemistry and it will be sad being on my own without having your website to help me out:( beacause i dont think yall have done it? -Bree

    1. Hello, Bree! Thanks for commenting. I am very sorry, but no, I won't be posting anything for Chemistry.
      My son may be using Chemistry 101 this fall, but I won't be having a class. I didn't take chem in highschool, so this will all be new to me! =)
      I have had a few emails from people asking about chemistry, so I will be posting a few links to online helps that might benefit someone. Stay tuned! =)

  27. Hello again Mrs. Marty! Its Bree I will stay tuned and I hope you do post soem links:) The videos that you post,do you get them from a certian website? Or do you just search youtube for the ones you want?

    1. Bree, normally, I search youtube for whatever I can find. But it takes a lot of time, so for chemistry I do not plan to do that since I will not be having a class. However, I did find a youtube channel with a lot of chem videos, so I want to post that link and a few other website links that also look to be good resources for chemistry. I hope to get my post out by the end of the day or sometime tomorrow. =)

  28. Mrs. Marty, thanks so much! take your time I'am in no rush;) I hope I will love chem as much as I love biology! -Bree:)

    1. Hello again, Bree! I wish I could meet you. =) It's so nice to find a respectful teenager (you calling me Mrs. Marty and being so sweet in your comments). =)
      The Chemistry post is up now, and I actually have 3 links to places that have videos. One of them simply has a video for each element, but the other two have actual teaching videos. You will need to do a bit of research as you go to find the ones for the module you're in, but these seem to be grouped in such a way that you may be able to find what you need without too much trouble.
      Let me know how your year is going! =)

  29. Thanks soooo much!!! Mrs. Marty;) This should help a TON:) I wish I could meet you too! You seem very sweet! I have been raised to say mrs. and mr. so its the norm;) lol:D I will keep you updated when we start chem! Thanks again! -Bree

  30. Thanks for this links Mrs. Marty! This will be a helpful source of info for our homeschooling.

  31. If I've taken life science and physical science, do I still have to take biology?

    1. That depends on the requirements for your state.
      By looking at the definition, Life Science *seems* similar to biology, but since I'm not familiar enough with it, I'm not sure if it covers the same things.
      I'm sorry I'm not able to give you a definite answer.

  32. PLEASE PLEASE consider making a Marine Biology resource. We LOVE IT!! It has been a life saver for us.

    1. Hello, Madison! I'm so sorry, but I only blogged about the subjects my kids were doing. We didn't do Marine Biology.
      But I did find a couple of places that might help a bit.
      This Pinterest page has links to dissections:
      And Donna Young has flashcards and schedules:

      It would be neat though to compile a list of helpful sites, wouldn't it! So whatever you find, let me know. I will look around a bit more too. After I get several that look promising, I may start a section for that.

      Thanks, Madison!

  33. What grade do students normally take Biology in?

    1. It depends on what state you live in. In NC, we usually take it in 10th.

  34. Oh My Goodness!! Thank you SOOOO much for having this information and sharing it!! I am having a co-op this year for the first time and for the first time doing Apologia Biology and was having such a hard time!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, not only for sharing EVERYTHING you did but being SO DETAILED! I LOVE DETAIL! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!

  35. Thanks for the info o do this course to


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