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Biology 101

For our very last school year, 2013-2014, we used Biology 101 with Wes Olson of the101series.com along with John Hudson Tiner's Exploring the World of Biology.

►Biology101 is also available at ChristianBook.com.

►My Bio 101 Review

Read posts:
• A Different Biology - links to sample pages and more, and what my plan is for this year.
Putting Together Our Biology Book - what I did, with pictures.
  Email me if you want my notes or verse pages.

Home Science Tools - dissection kit

Additional #22 scalpel blades

Links to video posts for each chapter and to see what we did.

Chapter 1, Introduction: Life Defined
Videos, etc.
--no class pics posted--

Chapter 2, The 3rd Day – Plants
Videos, etc.
►See what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Chapter 3, The 5th Day – Aquatic Creatures
Videos, etc.
►See what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Chapter 4, The 5th Day – Avian Creatures
Videos, etc.
--no class pics posted--

Chapter 5a, The 6th Day – Land Animals, part 1
{warm-blooded land vertebrates}
Videos, etc.
--no class pics posted--

Chapter 5b, The 6th Day – Land Animals, part 2
{cold-blooded land vertebrates & land invertebrates}
Videos, etc.
►See what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Chapter 6a, The 6th Day – Mankind, part 1
{brain, senses, skeletal and muscular systems}
Videos, etc.
►See what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Chapter 6b, The 6th Day – Mankind, part 2
{circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, and endocrine systems; human development}
Videos, etc.  Wow, this was a huge post. If it won't load for you, email me and I'll send you the youtube links to the videos.  This will be easy since I actually put the links into the post this time because some older posts have missing videos and now I don't know what they were!
►See what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Chapter 7, The 6
th Day – Biology History, Cells, Genetics
►Videos, etc. post 1/3 - Cells;  post 2/3 - DNA;  post 3/3 Genetics
►See what we did at Sahm-I-Am


  1. I want to thank you for your website. The science stuff is very helpful. My oldest was not 'getting' Apologia Biology at all so we're combining Biology 101 and it and I'm teaching all three kids at once.

  2. You're welcome, Peggy! Check back and let me know how you're year is going. =)

  3. I'm intrigued! I've been teaching middle and high school classes for homeschoolers for over five years and have used Apologia almost exclusively. I follow yours and Applie's blogs. They've been very helpful! I bought Biology 101 this past summer along with Chemistry 101 when they had them on sale through Answers in Genesis. I sent Biology 101 to a friend to teach her kids. We'll be watching your posts on this. Who knows... maybe I'll switch our co-op over next year. :-) Thanks for having a wonderful blog!

  4. Oh, you're welcome! And thank you for the comment. =)
    We are loving Biology this year. =)
    It has less than Apologia, especially Apologia's first 4 chapters, but I'm adding in things here and there.
    I really relied on Applie my first year of Physical and Biology. Just seeing how she did things was so helpful. =)
    What all classes do you teach?

  5. Hi, I am considering changing from Apologia to Biology 101 for co-op next year. Do you have a class description that you used for this curriculum and would you say it is meaty enough to award a high school credit?

  6. Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog. =)

    I did Apologia Biology with my oldest daughter, and there is a lot of vocabulary and terminology, and a few things that are quite involved, and I knew my dyslexic ds would be lost. So I needed to find something different. Some things in Ap Bio I myself didn't understand until Biology 101. For example, earthworms are in the phylum Analida, but I don't recall Ap Bio telling that it meant little rings, or segmented worms. Maybe they did, but Biology 101 does a much better job of explaining terminology so that I remember it.
    There is a lot less terminology in Biology 101, so that can be a good thing, unless your child wants to go on to Advanced Biology. Then you might like using the Biology 101 DVDs as a supplement to enhance learning.

    Biology 101 can merit a high school credit if your child doesn't mind reading quite a bit. Library books of your choosing or other sources you have on hand are assigned.
    If you'll check the link above to "A Different Biology," you can see in the samples what kinds of assignments are given.

    The actual Biology 101 text is short and concise, and depends in part on your child doing reading assignments from library books or elsewhere. (juvenile books the first week because a concise reading will get the main facts, and non-juvenile books are assigned the next week).
    I use Tiner's as well as portions of the Apologia Biology. I also own a few of the Apologia elementary books. I look to these before finding additional library books to fill in.
    Videos can be substituted as well.


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