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Apologia Biology, Module 16, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals

M16 Recap blog post at Sahm-I-Am
Quizlet Vocabulary Game, M16

Not my favorite post of the year -- seems a little dull. (sorry!) But there's just not a lot of videos to be found without evolution in them! And very few that are really informative that have anything to do w/ this module.
Also, it's a pretty basic module I think. The second half of Biology is definitely easier than the first!  Yay! =D

(1) p. 495-498a, Class Reptilia
Reptiles and Amphibians, Part 1
Reptiles are ectothermic because they are cold-blooded.  They must warm themselves from the outside (by the sun, usually).  Ecto- means outer, thermic means heat.

►More if you want it:  Part 2, Part 3

(2) p. 499, Order Rhynchocephalia
A tuatara with its "third eye" atop its head.

(3) p. 499c-503, Order Squamata
Squamates - lizards and snakes

(4) p. 503-504a, Order Testudines
Learn the differences between turtles and tortoises.

(5) p. 504, Order Crocodilia
► Crocodiles vs. Alligators.  What is the difference?
Crocodiles:  V-shaped snout, thinner than an alligators, most/all teeth show when mouth is closed.
Alligators:  U-shaped snout, thicker than a crocodiles, only front teeth show when mouth is closed.
►More about alligators at Answers in Genesis

(6) p. 505-507, Dinosaurs

► More about dinosaurs at Answers in Genesis (FF up to 1:45)

(7) p. 507-509, Class Aves (AY-vees)
Think of aviation to help you remember how to pronounce aves.  =)
How wings work:

Bird Flight animation

►Usually in the spring at Norfolk Botanical Gardens, there is a live web feed of Eagles and Eaglets.  Watch a couple of videos and read more at Sahm-I-Am.
►Not for the faint of heart -- Atlas of Avian diseases; study bird embryos.

Experiment 16.1, Bird Embryology

(8) p. 520-526, Class Mammalia

"What separates us from the rest of the mammals...?"
We are made in the image of God!  =)

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