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Monday, August 29, 2011

Kids don't like reading text online? or proofreading typed material?

Use free download of text to speech reader, Natural Reader to read aloud nearly any text on your computer, even email, even text on this blog!
I believe you can also copy/paste into a word document and have it read there.  This is good for kids who don't like to proofread because they don't like reading.  =)
My dyslexic ds14 uses this for things he has to write for school.  (What he writes isn't long, but it helps him to hear it.)

The free version uses a computerized voice, but paid versions have more natural sounding voices.
After you download, you can slow it down by going to the speech options through your Control Panel.  We do ours to about a -2.
I always change my "hotkey" options to Ctrl-P to play/pause reading, Ctrl-S to stop, and a few other things that suit us.  It's nice that it can be changed.  =)
Just remember that Natural Reader may not automatically be "on" each time you turn on your computer.

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