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General Sci

We used the 1st edition of Apologia's General Science which is no longer being published, but may be found on ebay, Amazon,, or used book stores.
►Read here to see what you need.
►Read more at Sahm-I-Am to see helpful links for Apologia's General Science.

I post pictures on Sahm-I-Am of the experiments we do each module, along with any tips or errors in the experiments, etc.
Sahm-I-Am is my homeschool/family blog, so I post what we DID in homeschool.
On Homeschooler's Resources, I post stuff to learn.

♦ Debbie Nafzger's Educator's Resources - great stuff to accompany each module!  First, review the Home page to understand her excellent method, then just hover over General Science to see the drop-down menu for each chapter.

Exp. 1.4, Paths of the Planets (ellipse)

Module 1, A Brief History of Science
Videos, etc. for M1
M1 what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 2, Scientific Inquiry
Videos, etc. for M2
M2 what we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 3, How to Analyze and Interpret Experiments
Videos, etc. for M3
M3 what we did at Sahm-I-Am

M5 - "tree cookies"
Module 4, Science, Applied Science, and Technology
Videos, etc. for M4
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 5, The History of Life:  Archaeology, Geology, and Paleontology
Videos, etc. for M5
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

M7 - insects trapped in amber

Module 6, Foundations of Geology
Videos, etc. for M6
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 7, The Fossil Record
Videos, etc. for M7
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

M8 - Try a Bite of Trilobite! =)

Module 8, Uniformitarianism and Catastrophism
Videos, etc. for M8
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

M10 - Turgor Pressure -- before and after (48 hours)

Module 9, What is Life?
Videos, etc. for M9
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 10, Classifying Life
Videos, etc. for M10
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

M13 - Digestive System game

Module 11, The Human Body: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Videos, etc. for M11
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 12, Energy and Life
Videos, etc. for M12
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 13, The Human Digestive System
Videos, etc. for M13
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

M14 Circulatory Game

Module 14, The Human Respiratory and Circulatory Systems
Videos, etc. for M14
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

Module 15, The Human Lymphatic, Endocrine, and Urinary Systems
Videos, etc. for M15
What we did at Sahm-I-Am

Upcoming Module:Module 16, The Human Nervous System
Videos, etc. for M16


  1. When is Module 16 going to be done??

  2. Oh, I am sorry, Tori!
    It has been done for a few days now. Since about 3am Saturday morning! If you go to the Home page, it is the top post. I just failed to put the direct link here!
    Apologies, and I will fix that immediately.
    Thanks for the reminder! =)

  3. I just found your website and your SAHM website when I was googling info about using Apologia's General Science with extras. I can't thank you enough for all this work and video links and ideas - thank you for your willingness to share. My 2 boys will be doing GS this coming year (in 2 weeks - yikes!). I wish that I had had something like this available when my other 2 kids (now homeschool graduates - thank the Lord) had gone through the same course.

  4. You're very welcome! I'm always glad when I know someone else can use the info.
    And you have some handsome boys! =)

  5. I too want to thank you for your wonderful job! I will be using your resources this year as I teach this course to a co-op class.

  6. Oh, you're very welcome!
    And I love your blog! I hope it's okay if I link to some of your posts?
    It looks like you have a very good understanding of science, and I'm bookmarking your site to read what all y'all have done!
    I think I'll find some good extras to add in for our class. =)

  7. You're welcome, Mary! Nice to hear from a homeschooling missionary mom... from Africa! =D

  8. Thank you so very much for putting together this resource and sharing it. We are a homeschooling family living and ministering in the Philippines as missionaries. This is a huge help to us!
    Thank you and may God bless you for your kindness.
    Lisa Maxwell

  9. Lisa, you are so very welcome! I am always happy to hear that someone is able to use the resources here. Blessings and prayers to you as you work for the Lord in the Philippines!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this! HUGE blessing for us us!!!

  11. Tina, you're welcome! Thank you for your comment. =)

  12. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience! It's very helpful.


  13. We are currently using Science in the Beginning by Dr Wile and need to take a next step with our science. I am very unsure about General Science as I read several people saying it is very dry. English is not our home language so I am worried about that too even though most of our programs is in English.
    Is there an alternative to the General and Physical science? I feel very lost. Have to add that Science is one of our favourite subjects. Some insights would be appreciated.

    1. Hello, Maryna! Thanks for visiting my blog.

      I am not sure what to offer as an alternative, since Apologia was, of course, the science I chose. So I am not familiar enough with other sciences to offer a recommendation.

      Actually I found it very interesting, so to me it wasn't dry at all. =) Of course there are some chapters that are more of interest to me than others, and it was that way w/ my kids and others as well.

      Apologia General is divided into 16 chapters. There will be several chapters that seem to run along the same theme, then it goes to something new. You can see topics change with the chapter titles. So the whole book is "general" science -- some of several different topics that are like introductions to more advanced science.

      I think one thing that made it more interesting is that I invited a few other kids to come over and do science experiments along with my kids. Every day isn't exciting of course, because learning science in the upper grades will naturally be more work.

      If you haven't already, you can see exactly what we did at Chapter 4 definitely needs extra time to complete, and lots of prep from mom. =)

      Also is a good forum where you can ask questions.

  14. This was like finding a gold mine!! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work!

    1. You're welcome, Jennifer! I'm glad you can use it. =)

  15. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! Can't wait to work through this. Thank you so much!

  16. Your work is still helping others....even this 25 year veteran homeschooler who just adopted a sibling group of 3 through the NC Foster Care System. Thank you!!

    1. Ah, how amazing! Way to go, Mom! And you're welcome. =) =)

  17. Thanks so much for sharing! I am planning to do the Module 5 lab you recommended for our co-op!


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