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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Apologia General Science, Module 14, The Human Respiratory and Circulatory Systems

What we did at Sahm-I-Am

Interactive Study Links:
Quizlet Flashcards
-Respiratory System
Label the respiratory system - drag and drop
• Respiratory Quiz Game #1 - click and match
• Respiratory Quiz Game #2 - click and match
• Respiratory Quiz Game #3 - click and match
Is it part of the Respiratory System? - click Yes or No
-Circulatory System
• Circulatory Quiz Game #1 - click and match
Circulatory Quiz Game #2 - click and match
Heart Quiz Game - click and match
Label the circulatory system - drag and drop (Looks a little difficult?  Just do the ones you know first.)

• The Circulation Game, Print instructions and printable pages
Labeled Heart Diagram with concise info
See these and more at Debbie's Educator's Resources.  (Thanks, Debbie!)

(1) p. 344-348, The Human Circulatory System
Arteries flow away from the heart, branching out into tiny, thin-walled capillaries.
Capillaries eventually merge to form larger vessels called veins, which flow back to the heart.

We learned the blood flow in this order:
right atrium, right ventricle, lungs, left atrium, left ventricle, body
This video starts with the blood flowing from the right ventricle into the lungs.
Don't get confused -- the order is the same; this video just starts at a different point in the circuit.


(2) p. 348b-354a, The Heart and Blood Flow

A reader was kind enough to let me know that the two videos I had found for this section have been deleted from youtube.  =(  It can be difficult to keep check on all posts, so I really appreciate this.  
I will try to make time in the future to go back through and check videos in each post, but in the meantime, if any readers find suitable replacements for any 'broken' videos or links on any post, please do email me!
Thank you!


(3) p. 354-356, The Components of Blood
Three kinds of blood cells:
Red blood cells, white blood cells, and blood platelets.

Coagulation (or clotting) of blood


(4) p. 356b-359, Lungs and Blood Oxygenation


(5) p. 360-363, The Respiratory System



(6) p. 363-365, Circulation and Respiration Throughout Creation

►Watch Bill Nye on Respiration (full episode)
If that doesn't play, you can watch it in parts here.


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  3. The "(2) p. 348b-354a, The Heart and Blood Flow" videos do not exist anymore.

  4. Oh, thank you for letting me know!
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    I don't have time right now to search for replacements, so if you find anything, please do email me! =)


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