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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Biology 101, Chapter 5a: The 6th Day-Land Animals part 1 {warm-blooded land vertebrates}

Warm-blooded land vertebrates - mammals!
Thankfully this is a fairly simple chapter since we've just had a wedding January 4!  =)  I have been super busy for the past several weeks!  But it was beautiful and so sweet. =)

I don't have any experiments or class activities, so we will not have class. Therefore I have no extra links to post here.
I did give a few extra assignments.
•Write about one unusual mammal.
•Google to find out how many body systems there are.  List them along with a short description and the basic organs they include.
•Write a couple of sentences telling what the difference is between a body organ and a body system.
Draw and label the basic body organs.

(1) Baby Kangaroo being born

(2) Kangaroos Boxing

(3) The Sloth

(4) Triumph of the Herbivores
Footage of herbivore mammals out-maneuvering their carnivore predators.

(5) Aggressive Nightlife of the Kangaroo Rat
Watch when a snake comes to pay a visit...

(6) Beaver Lodge Construction
The God-given instincts of beavers are amazing!

(7) The Siberian Tiger

(8) Raccoons

(9) Flying Squirrels

(10) Shifak, or Sifaka, (one species of lemur)

(11) Monkey Insect Repellent
Piper leaves have insect repellent properties and protect these monkeys from mosquitoes.

(12) Monkey Alert!
Amazing how different types of monkeys have distinct calls to warn their troop members of an invading big cat predator, and that the different species of monkeys recognize the warnings from the other monkeys. AND that there are different warning calls for each different predator!

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