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Educational Links

Parents, please preview all content and videos.
The resources below were not created by me.  
Even if you like what I put on my blog, all these resources will likely not have exactly the same standard I set for my blog.  Also, there may be content added since I last visited these sites.  
I preview what my children read/watch, but will not advise as to what YOUR children should view.

  • My YouTube Channel - Videos I've found helpful for our homeschool as well as just videos I like.  =)
Just scroll down thru the Donna Young's post for these and other links, or click on one of the tabs.  You can see that Homeschool Planner was clicked on, then Lesson Plan Forms.  Then the last row has several types to choose from.  Weekly, Term & Subject, By Columns, etc.  Some of those have sub-categories as well.

 Multiple Subjects per Link
  • repurposes those time-tested educational films from the past, along with PSA and old movies. Videos span multiple subject areas and are free to view online. 
  • Free Homeschooling Resources - over 30 pages of links to homeschool resources, listed by subject.  Wow!
  • e-Learning links - The science section includes interactive flashcard games for Apolgia's Physical Science, Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology, as well as other science resources.  At the top, click on different subjects for other games, etc.  The Quia games seem to work in Internet Explorer but not Firefox.  Something to do w/ Java.
  • NeoK12 - videos and games, mostly science.  Some Social Studies, Math, and Language.
  • Quizlet - AWESOME!  Search for whatever subject you need.  I did Apologia, then sub category Physical Science, then selected a quiz created by a user.  Interactive games with flashcards, multiple choice, matching, written answers...  =)  To make your own quizzes, sign up with an email address.
  • Khan Academy - TONS of videos that appear to be in order of difficulty!  Just scroll down... Chemistry, Biology, Trig, Pre-calc, Algebra, and more.  Not sure about evolution content in the science ones, tho.  Haven't checked them all out. 
  • Schoolhouse Rock - Songs (that for the most part, don't sound like Rock) for grammar, science, money, America, multiplication, and computer.  I especially like the grammar songs.  We first learned about these when I bought a CD-ROM several years ago with these songs and games for each part of speech.  Click the song for the lyrics, and then many have links to YouTube.  My kids loved Mr. Morton!  =)  Ok, my kids are 15 and nearly 13, and I had Mr. Morton playing on YouTube so I could link to it here.  They were singing along, even though we haven't used these in a few years!
  • HippoCampus - highschool subjects - algebra, calculus, biology, US History, and more.  Can view each topic in sequential or alphabetical order.  I looked at the algebra.  It teaches the lesson and reviews with the child typing in and submitting answers!!!
  • WorksheetWorks - math, including geometry and scientific notation, GREAT handwriting generator, language, geography, and more 
  • Big Red Hat - Learn interesting stuff with the Discovery Twins, see what you can create with Oliart, or tour Europe with The Traveling Trio.  Three kids whose parents have really expanded what homeshooling is all about.  =)  
  • A Book in Time has Reading Lists in chronological order, separated into World & American History Reading Lists. Each title has a suggested grade level and a short book review.  There are also Period Crafts & Projects, Maps & Timelines, and Interactive Games & Activities.
  • United States History resources from BJU Press.  These are intended to go along with their history book, but can be great for anyone doing US History.
  • Have Fun With History - a resource for American history
  • Christine Miller's website, History on the Internet.
  • U.S.A. Geography -- Learn about states, capitals, geographic regions, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.  Choose your level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, etc.  Other links on this site as well.
  • "A Free Map Quiz Game for Windows:  Seterra 3.0 is a challenging, educational geography game with 70 different exercises.  Learn about countries, capitals, flags, and cities in Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and Australia using outline map exercises."  
  • This wiki looks amazing!  It has unit studies on different cultures/World History.  Mr. Gray - History.
  • Videos for each chapter of the Story of the World curriculum.  (Volumes 1 and 2 are finished; she's currently doing #3 with her children this year.)
    We do not use Story of the World and I know nearly nothing about the curriculum, but we are using some of the videos posted here to enhance our learning.  

Here are the few history posts I did for my own kids awhile back.  What a pitiful list!  lol.

  • Sometimes you may have questions about the text, answers to the On Your Own questions, study guide, or results of experiments.  You might find your answer at Apologia's Knowledge BaseJust click on All Categories and choose the correct Module that goes with the course you are studying.  If your question is not there, or isn't answered fully, you can contact Apologia. 
  • Apologia Biology dissection websites w/ pics
  • CELLS Alive!  Interactive animations.  Under Cell Biology:  Cell model, click on diff parts; Web cams of cells multiplying; Mitosis, Meiosis, full animation, or click to pause on a phase.  There are also puzzles, quizzes, and more!  Also see Microbiology, Immunology, & MicroscopyVERY good!  =)
  • Awesome Virtual Cell - More 3D than flat, highlights portions of the cell with names.  Click on parts for closer view.  Some can zoom or rotate. 
  • The Biology Corner - a GREAT resource!  Click on Cells, then another link (one that says virtual lab).  In the directions is a link to copy/paste to a virtual microscope!  =)  There's a tutorial and several slides for practice.  There's more, including plant and animal cell coloring pages, some experiments, and powerpoint presentations.  And that's just under the "Cell" category! 
  • Department of Biological Sciences 
  • NASA Science
  • NASAconnect on YouTube
  • Creation Wiki 
  • Jefferson Labs - L♥VE the Periodic Table Elements online interactive games!!!  Learn the elements; calculate the number of protons, electrons, and neutrons; balance chemical equations, and more!  Choose your level and # of questions.  AWESOME!
  • The Periodic Table of Videos - Videos of experiments and discussion for each element. Good if you are specifically focusing on a few elements.  GREAT resource.
  • The Periodic Table of Elements with pictures of each element.  =) 
  • Dynamic Periodic Table.  All I can say is go look and see what all it does!!!  =)
  • Physics Games
  • Science Lab Report breakdown/explanation 
  • Why keep a Lab Notebook?  excellent!  I let my daughter and the cousins read this.
  • The Scientific Method (Biology4Kids).  Hypothesis, theory, law... You must always offer evidence to support your statements... 
  • The Scientific Method
  • Fantastic Contraption  Physics - Make a moving machine to get an object to a designated space.
  • Dissection Alternatives Loan Program - Don't want to use real animals to dissect, or don't have the money?  Borrow 3-dimensional, flexible plastic, dissection models for free and pay for return shipping via the same carrier as it was sent.  No additional fees or charges unless returned late or not-at-all.  Check site for details.
  • Space & Earth Science from BJU Press, meant to go along with their science book, but can be great for anyone studying Earth and Space.
  • PhET - Interactive Simulations -- Building a molecule, states of matter, balancing chemical equations, battery voltage, salts & solubility, molecules and light, Ohm's law, and much more.
    Click "Play with Sims" or look at the instructional links at the bottom.
  • See more science links above under "Multiple Subjects per Link"
  • CongressForKids  
    Kids learn about the Constitution and the three branches of government. We didn't do any of the quizzes, etc, just clicked "Learn More" to go to the next section. My kids had enough to do w/ answering the q's in their regular lesson. =)
  • Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids Grouped into 4 levels for grades K-12, learn about government, laws, citizenship and more.
Other Free Resources
There is no way I would be able to screen every resource fully, so be sure to check links before letting your kids use them.  You never know when someone might change or add something on their site.


  1. AMAZING!!! Truly amazing! Thank you for putting all of this together and for sharing it! Wonderful!!!! I appreciate it.

  2. I'd be careful when using worksheets generated by I have found several errors in the answer keys for their math worksheets.

    I notified them through their contact form but have not gotten a response and the errors are still there.

    -- Kevin

  3. Thanks, Kevin.
    I haven't used their worksheets in awhile, so thanks for letting me know. I'm sure any readers will also appreciate it. =)


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