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Generate your own handwriting, math, English, and geography pages, as well as graph paper!

At WorksheetWorks.com there are free worksheets that you can tweak and generate yourself!
I first came across this site when my younger two were learning fractions, and the option to tweak according to their different abilities was awesome!
From using shapes for fractions all the way to multiplying and dividing.

For example, when using the worksheets for multiplying fractions, I could choose if I wanted mixed numbers like 7½ or fractions like ¼, or even use a whole number as one of the terms to be multiplied, such as 5 x 8½.
I could choose if I wanted mixed fractions on both sides or only on one side, and whether I wanted fractions that needed reducing or not.

My twins are needing review on some things from the pre-Algeba link, particularly solving 2-step equations.
But they are on different levels.  So I choose my options for each child and print out several pages for the upcoming week.  (Regenerating each new page.)  I chose avoid negatives for one child, and allowed them for the other.  They both are able to solve with the variable on either side of the equation.  I am now ready to add in combining like terms, and soon I'll add even more multi-steps!

I particularly like using the math pages for my son with dyscalculia.  He has trouble remembering any math with multiple steps, such as the ones mentioned here and long division.
Once he (kind of) masters a type of problem, I keep printing these and have him continue to do 5-6 problems a day for review.  Later I might do 3 a day each for 2 different types of problems.
We usually have to keep reviewing this way for months, but it is better than totally forgetting it all after working for months to learn it in the first place.

The handwriting pages are also great for copywork!  =)
I think this is one of the best free handwriting page generators I've seen.
You can type in exactly what you want to say.  You can add in commas, quotation marks, etc.
You can hit Enter several times to allow space for copying (between sentences, etc.)
You can choose the point size (6-16) of the letters to meet your child's abilities.  You'll need to experiment a few times to figure out how many lines you'll get per page, and that is so cool that you can do that!

And don't forget the English and Geography!  I really like the parts of speech.  =)
You'll also love the customizable graph paper and planners, etc.

You can print both the student page and the answer key if you wish.
To save paper and ink, I usually number the student math pages after I print them out (page 1, page 2, etc), then before I close the window with the currently generated worksheet, I copy the answers from the Answer Key into a notebook with the corresponding student page number.
(I keep a notebook to use for various things I need to write down, so that I don't misplace loose pieces of paper.)


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