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Monday, September 2, 2013

UPDATE on the Biology 101 Books

I had posted about how I put together our Biology 101 books, and used cardboard folders for the back cover.  I need to tell y'all this is not a good idea.  =\
I would use either use plastic folders, or an additional heavyweight binder cover on the back of the cardboard folder.  Plastic folders would be cheaper if you don't already have binder covers on hand as I did.  In fact, if you haven't already made your books, you could use one folder for both front and back.
With just a few days of use, I saw my cardboard ones were not going to hold up, so I had to get more holes punched in cut-down plastic folders (I told Staples I had already had my books bound there, and since they would have punched these for me along with my books, there was no charge).  I then cut one end off the spiral binding, and unbound and re-bound them myself.  You'll need needle-nose pliers to bend back the spiral binding.  Fun, fun.  =D  Actually not too bad once I got it going.
Please comment and let me know how your books turned out!  If anyone wants to email me pictures, I'd love to post them here.  =)

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