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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Water Molecules!

While searching for videos for Physical Science Module 5 today, I came across these that go great with Module 4!
Embedding into a website is disabled, so you will have to click these links to watch them.
They have also been added to the Physical Science Module 4 post.

• Water Molecules - part 1 is a great video animation that shows that water molecules are polar, and will hydrogen bond.  Hydrogen bonding is what enables water (H2O) to stay in a liquid form at room temperature (instead of a gas like other H2__ substances).

• Water Molecules - part 2 shows the state of water molecules in liquid form, as a solid, and as a gas.

Basically atoms and elements are the same thing. 
An atom is just the smallest amount of an element.
Read this ice cream analogy.

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