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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Factor/Label Method

I wish I had seen this video when I was editing the Physical Science Module 1 post!
It is added to that post now, but I'm posting it here for those that may have missed it.  Or still need a bit more clarity on the Factor/Label method, or need a bit of review, or are just curious about this awesomely simple, but so logical video!  =)

A bit loud, so you may want to turn it down.  =)


  1. Hi Marty! Thanks for posting. This is a great video. Using the colored boxes really helps me to remember where the information is supposed to be placed in the formula.

    I wanted to pin this, and tried it from this post and from the Mod. 1 PS post, but couldn't pin from either post. :(

  2. Hi, Missy! Yes, I really love this video. And I just tried pinning it too... but it only pulls up other images from my blog.
    So I went to youtube and pinned it from there.
    Here's my pin if you want to repin:


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