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Monday, October 24, 2011

FREE Sign Language Lessons

Copyright © Dr. Bill Vicars, sign language resources at

Learn American Sign Language for free at American Sign Language University at
There are 30 free lessons that are meant to cover 2 semesters for 1 full credit.
(The page at the ↑ above Lesson link shows the lesson links 1-30, then at the bottom shows the same lessons broken down by semester and unit.)
Each lesson has Objectives listed at the top with links to other learning resources.  Each lesson has videoed vocabulary, sentences, and sometimes a videoed "story."

The links below are from various places on the site, and you'll come across some from within the actual lessons.  I put them here in one place for easy reference.

► Practice Quizzes for each Lesson
► Quizzes and Cumulative Tests
► An additional Quiz for Lesson 1
► ASL Dictionary (at the top, you can also click on Phrases for all the sentences for each lesson, or click on Advanced.)

► Multiple fingerspelling charts, some with no letters written in for the purpose of practicing.
► Alphabet - hover your mouse over a letter
► Interactive Fingerspelling Practice Quizzes
► Printable wordsearch "Fingerseeks"
 Fingerspelling Practice Watch the word spelled and type in your answer.  Choose speed and # of letters.  Scroll down and choose from different categories.
► Article: Lexicalized Fingerspelling

► Numbers and tips for signing numbers, plus video for numbers 1-50.
Numbers Practice Watch the number signed and type in your answer.  Choose speed and number range. - the online chats that started it all, discussion among online students.

►Another sign language site is ASL Pro.  It looks like it would be a good reference site.  I like the Conversational Phrases.  =)

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