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Friday, May 27, 2011

Polynomials - what kind, what degree

A variable is a letter that represents a number.
Since it can represent different numbers at different times and will not always represent the same number, it is called a variable.

A variable with a zero power equals 1.
xº = 1
When a number is written without a variable, the invisible variable has a zero power.
So 8 is the same as 8xº which is the same as 8 x 1.

Variables written without a visible exponent are understood to have the exponent of 1.
x = x¹
This does not equal 1 unless the variable is equal to 1.
The value of this term, or monomial, is whatever the value of x is.
If x = 7, then x¹ will equal 7.

Watch these videos first:
Embedding on these videos was disabled, so you'll need to click on the links to view.
►Degrees and Types of Polynomials, part 1 , part 2
►Degree of a polynomial if the terms have more than one variable.

A little more advanced in this video, but very well explained.

Interactive lessons -- may be best to do after viewing the videos here.
Click Unit 5Lesson 22Play Lesson, Introduction to Polynomials.  
You may read along with the lesson in the left sidebar.
Note:  Lesson does not seem to work in Safari browser.

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