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Rules for Exponents

There are a lot of videos here!  About 35 minutes total, so I suggest taking more than one day to watch these, and taking notes as you do. The first several videos are shorter.

Interactive lessons -- may be best to do after viewing the videos here.
Click Unit 5Lesson 20Play Lesson.  Click on the lesson titles on the left.
You may read along with the lesson in the left sidebar.
Note:  Lesson does not seem to work in Safari browser.

(1) Product Rule

(2) Quotient Rule

(3) Power Rule

(4) Using the rules

(5) Simplifying fractions with exponents

(6) Exponents, powers of base 10

(7) Level 1 Exponents, part 1 - the "why" of some of the above, and a few new concepts.

(8) Level 1 Exponents, part 2

In the last example, he leaves "3 to the negative 36th power." 3^-36, (since I can't write exponents on here except for °²³).  I have been taught and have seen taught in various videos online that you should try to not have a negative exponent in your answer.
In the 5th video, she showed how to get rid of negatives by moving the negative exponent to either the top or bottom of a fraction.  So the last answer could be written as a fraction: 1/3^36.  "1 over 3 to the 36th power."

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