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I kept thinking I would have time after my kids graduated, but life has filled up my free time with new responsibilities. =)

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Thank you!

Issues with videos not playing

A few days ago, I noticed certain videos would not play while I was using my Firefox browser.  Neither here on the blog, nor on YouTube.  It keeps telling me I need to upgrade my Adobe Flash Player, but the videos still wouldn't play.  As of right now, none of them will play in FF.
I've googled this to try to find and fix the problem, and apparently others are having the same issue.
I have not been able to remedy this yet on my end, so if you are using Firefox and are unable to get the videos to play, you might try viewing the blog in another browser for now.  Maybe Firefox will resolve its issue w/ Adobe Flash soon.
Try Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, or any others you like.  I have all these on my computer, and  use different browsers for various sites.
Hoping to find a solution!

ETA:  I found this link which said I had to uninstall old versions first, then restart my computer, then install the new version.  I then restarted my computer again, just to be sure, lol.
A couple of years ago, I would have looked at those instructions and threw up my hands!  I would have had no clue.  If that is you, don't feel bad.    Just download one of the browsers above, which actually, is pretty easy.
(I remember just a few years ago asking my Mom how to reply to an email!)  =D
Before the fix, Google Chrome seemed to work best for me for watching videos, since I destest the slowness of Internet Explorer, and apparently, there is some download I am missing in Safari.  I think there is a box I unchecked while downloading the browser.  That might be it.
So the videos are working now for me in Firefox, but apparently others have gotten it fixed, and it quit working again.  We'll see.
Keepiomf dimnfgers fvrosdfed.  Um... I meant "keeping fingers crossed!"  That didn't work so well, lol!

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