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Friday, October 8, 2010

Commutative and Associative Properties of Multiplication

(1) Commutative Property of Multiplication -
Commutative is changing the order, even in a problem with 3 or more terms.
You commute to work, and pass the gas station, the library, and Walmart.
On the way home, you decide to go by the library first, then Walmart, then the gas station.
You commuted in a different route.

(2) Associative Property of Multiplication -
Associative is changing the grouping.  9 x (3 x 6) = 9 x (6 x 3) is not changing the grouping.  That is an example of the commutative property.
Jack and Tom are your best friends.  Sometimes you go to Jack's house; sometimes you go to Tom's house.  Sometimes Tom and Jack go to each other's houses.  You can associate with either friend, and you are all still friends no matter what grouping you are in.  You, Tom, and Jack.

(3) Commutative and Associative Property - MuchoMath (Professor Perez and Charlie)

(4) In this video, you can pause and work out the problems yourself, then see if you are right. 

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