Apologia Physical Science, Module 14, Waves and Sound

Play  Quizlet.  Just scroll down and find the Module you want.

1) p. 345-348 - Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

2) p. 345-348, Longitudinal Wave

3) p. 353, Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion

extra if you want to know:
From Celsius to Fahrenheit
The way I learned it in school, with the fraction 5/9
Try both ways.  They work!  =)

4) p. 353-355, Weather & Meteorology: How Can I Tell How Far Away a Lightning Strike Hit? 

5) p. 355-357, Close to Mach 1

6) p. 355-357, Sonic Boom

7) p. 361-362, The Doppler Effect
With longer wavelengths, you'll hear a lower sound.

9) p. 361-362, Picture of Supersonic Shock Wave

10) p. 363-365, How the Ear Works

11) p. 366-368, Ultrasonic wave with obstruction
(Here are more if you are interested)


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