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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Apologia Physical Science, Module 12, The Forces in Creation - Part 2

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(1) p. 289-293, The Electromagnetic Force

Physical Science 6.1b - Electrical Charge
Embedding disabled, click here to watch.

(2) p. 293-294, Photons and the Electromagnetic Force

I found no videos for this section.

(3) p. 295-299, How Objects Become Electrically Charged

Inductive Charging using an Electroscope

►Click to see how he made that electroscope.

Physical Science 6.1c - Static Electricity
Embedding disabled, click here to watch

(4) p. 300-303, Electrical Circuits 

Amps and Volts

Physical Science, 6.3a - Voltage
Embedding disabled, click here to watch

(5) p. 300b-305, Resistance

Physical Science, 6.2b - Conductors and Insulators
Embedding disabled, click here to watch

(6) p. 306-308a, Switches and Circuits; Series and Parallel Circuits

Physical Science, 6.2a - Simple Circuits
Embedding disabled, click here to watch

Electricity and Circuits

(7) p. 308-309, Magnetism

Remember Experiment 6.2.
Magnetism is the result of electrical flow.

Physical Science, 6.8a - Electric Current & Magnetic Fields
Embedding disabled, click here to watch
--This video also mentions "conventional current" (taught in the Electrical Circuits section).

(8) p. 309b-312, Permanent Magnets

Physical Science, 6.7a - Magnetic Fields
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Physical Science, 6.7b - Magnets & Magnetic Domains
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Physical Science, 6.5a - Series and Parallel
►Embedding disabled, click here to watch


  1. thank you so much for making such an awesome blog! it is helping me study a ton!!!!

    Great idea!

  2. Thank you, and you're very welcome. =)
    Are you a student taking the Apologia course?

  3. Thank you so much for all your time and effort! These videos really reinforce our learning. (I am learning along side my daughter.)

    1. Paula, you're welcome! I've learned a lot too! =)


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