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Five Tips for Writing - Part One, Planning and Paragraphing (10:51)
(apparently, he never posted Part Two)
Write in notebook: TipTop (when to start a new paragraph)
Ti - Time changes
P - Place changes
To - Topic changes
P - Person changes
Write in notebook:
1.  The first important step is ____.
2.  The teacher used the ____-_______ method.
3.  To link paragraphs, use ________ words.
4.  What letter of the alphabet helps you branch out and make your paragraphs more descriptive?
5.  Your paragraphs should be different ___________.

Even after all that work put into writing, as excellent as it may be, there are always revisions that can be done.  The best thing is to wait a day and work on revisions then.
Three-step revision process
In notebook, list and explain each step.
1. Big Picture
2. Paragraphs
3. Sentences

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