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Monday, November 16, 2009

BJU 6th grade Math, ch 4, Place Value

L36 Place Value
1. Magic Math, Place Value & Digits
(ones, tens, hundreds, thousands - great for younger elementary)
2. Place Value Chart
L37 Billions
Place Value Hundred Thousand Million Billion
animation, no teaching, just concept
L38 Decimals: Tenths & Hundredths
1. Rounding a Decimal with "Bob" and "Paul"
2. Rounding Decimals
(has adding and multiplying decimals also)
3. Place Values of Decimal Numbers
(teaches 0.1, 0.01, etc.)
L42 Real Numbers (Rational & Irrational)
1. Rational and Irrational Numbers
a little more than this lesson calls for, but very good!
2. Rational vs Irrational Numbers - Math Help

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