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Thursday, November 12, 2009

BJU 6th grade English, chapter 1


L2  Subjects and Predicates
 Mr. Morton, Grammar Rock

L3  Compound Subjects and Predicates
Coordinating Conjunctions

L5 Subordinating Conjunctions
1. Subordinate clause (lists subordinating conjunctions)
2. What is a clause?
3. Dependent Clauses

L6 Complex Sentences
What is a complex sentence?

L7 Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentence
1. What is a sentence?
2. What is a clause?
3. What is a compound sentence?

L8 Prepositions
1. Grammar Rock Prepositions
2.  2 Boys sing prepositions
3. Prepositions

L9 Prepositional Phrases
1.  Preposition (story)
2.  Prepositions (stick figures naming prep)
3.  Eng Gram Lesson, Prep and Prep Phrases

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