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Monday, November 16, 2009

BJU 6th grade Math, ch 4, Place Value

L36 Place Value
1. Magic Math, Place Value & Digits
(ones, tens, hundreds, thousands - great for younger elementary)
2. Place Value Chart
L37 Billions
Place Value Hundred Thousand Million Billion
animation, no teaching, just concept
L38 Decimals: Tenths & Hundredths
1. Rounding a Decimal with "Bob" and "Paul"
2. Rounding Decimals
(has adding and multiplying decimals also)
3. Place Values of Decimal Numbers
(teaches 0.1, 0.01, etc.)
L42 Real Numbers (Rational & Irrational)
1. Rational and Irrational Numbers
a little more than this lesson calls for, but very good!
2. Rational vs Irrational Numbers - Math Help

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bob Jones 6th grade Math, ch 3, Division

L31 Zero in the Quotient
L32 Nearest Hundredth
Long Division of Numbers - Arithmetic Basics
dividend, divisor, quotient
add in a decimal to complete problem.
has a repeating # w/ a bar over it.
has a zero in the quotient.
L34 Order of Operations
Watch Video on Order of Operations - Math Help
Order of operations


Five Tips for Writing - Part One, Planning and Paragraphing (10:51)
(apparently, he never posted Part Two)
Write in notebook: TipTop (when to start a new paragraph)
Ti - Time changes
P - Place changes
To - Topic changes
P - Person changes
Write in notebook:
1.  The first important step is ____.
2.  The teacher used the ____-_______ method.
3.  To link paragraphs, use ________ words.
4.  What letter of the alphabet helps you branch out and make your paragraphs more descriptive?
5.  Your paragraphs should be different ___________.

Even after all that work put into writing, as excellent as it may be, there are always revisions that can be done.  The best thing is to wait a day and work on revisions then.
Three-step revision process
In notebook, list and explain each step.
1. Big Picture
2. Paragraphs
3. Sentences

BJU 6th grade English, chapter 2

Writing a Personal Narrative
Preview.  These wd need to be done w/ supervision and paused occasionally because she talks fast.  You may decide to only show parts of the videos or whatever pertains to what you're trying to teach.
L12 A Personal Narrative
Personal Narrative 1 with 11yo Adora Svitak
L13  Using Descriptive Details
It's Your World: Descriptive Writing with Adora Svitak
L17 Proofreading
Teach Children to Read : How to Proofread Documents

Thursday, November 12, 2009

BJU 6th grade English, chapter 1


L2  Subjects and Predicates
 Mr. Morton, Grammar Rock

L3  Compound Subjects and Predicates
Coordinating Conjunctions

L5 Subordinating Conjunctions
1. Subordinate clause (lists subordinating conjunctions)
2. What is a clause?
3. Dependent Clauses

L6 Complex Sentences
What is a complex sentence?

L7 Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentence
1. What is a sentence?
2. What is a clause?
3. What is a compound sentence?

L8 Prepositions
1. Grammar Rock Prepositions
2.  2 Boys sing prepositions
3. Prepositions

L9 Prepositional Phrases
1.  Preposition (story)
2.  Prepositions (stick figures naming prep)
3.  Eng Gram Lesson, Prep and Prep Phrases

Adjectives with Marcella and Armando

(1) What are adjectives?
Adjectives describe nouns, and can answer the question, what kind?

(2) The Four Principle Functions of Adjectives
Adjectives also tell what color, how many, which one (a, an, the, and other descriptive adj.)

(3) Using Adjectives to Compare
-er, -est. Does not mention the words comparative and superlative.

(4) Reviewing Adjectives

Lord Syntax & Adjectives

Lord Syntax has lost his book of modifiers!
(1)  Lord Syntax and Adjectives
Adjectives are modifiers that modify nouns and pronouns.
They answer the questions which,what kind, how many, what color, what size.
Articles a, an, and the; demonstrative adjectives these, this, that, and those.
Do not confuse the adjective form of these, this, that, and those with the pronoun form.

(2) Lord Syntax and Adjectives 2
Degrees of comparison. 
--Positive, no comparison;
--Comparative, -er; less and more;
--Superlative, -est; least and most.
Irregular Adjectives.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Driver's Permit for NC

1. For driver's permit, contact your local public school for requirements, class dates, and registration.

2. I would suggest also calling North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education (NCDNPE) 1(919)733-4276 to make sure their requirements are still the same as what I've listed here.
NCDNPE Student Driving Information.

These are things I needed when my kids got their Driver's Permits.
1.  Contact your local courthouse for a birth certificate if your child was born in the county you live in.  If not, you can request a birth certificate from Raleigh, NC.  1(919)733-3000
Check with your local Driver's License office to make sure the one from Raleigh is the correct birth certificate.  I was told it had to be from the courthouse, not the one I received at my child's birth!  The man at the DMV said that's usually the Mother's copy, and that it needs to be a certified birth certificate with a raised seal. (not this kind)

2. For any non-public school that has been registered with NCDNPE for more than 6 months, you may call them at the above number and request a verification of school form. (not sure what the "correct" name for this is)  It will be a sheet of paper that has your school info on it, and will be notarized by NCDNPE.  This is proof that you have a legitimate, registered school.
This will also have the School ID # in the bottom corner that you will need.
I had to take this with me to the local public school upon registration for driver's education classes.

3. Right after student starts classes, you may call NCDNPE or go online to request a DEC (Driver's Eligibility Certificate), which you will fill in and date right before going to get the permit in case you don't get to go right away -- the DEC is only good for so many days after the date.  This will be a notarized half-sheet of paper.  When requesting online, you will need the School ID #.

If you call NCDNPE, choose Option 3:  Student Driving.
--Leave this information:
  • Type of school (homeschool)
  • County
  • Name of Chief Administrator (parent's name)
  • Name of School
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone # w/ area code
  • Number of Certificates needed
4. You will need to take these four things to the DMV when getting the actual permit:
  • Child's Birth Certificate
  • DEC from NCDNPE
  • Certificate issued by the instructor upon completion of actual driving training
  • Child's Social Security card
A parent or legal guardian should take the child, and will need to show his/her own driver's license.

I'm sorry that I have no suggestions on how to get a child's SS card, because I've had my kids' cards since they were born.  If anyone does know, please leave a comment, and I'll check it out and update this post.
Remember, if there are any questions, call NCDNPE.

Allow plenty of time for any documents to be mailed to you, and check what hours the courthouse and Driver's License office are open.